Our Expertise

During the MakeOver I am on-site with you, I cover everything you could possibly think of and I make sure you are able to make any graphic for just about any application.

Pricing The Job - I help you understand the modeling required to price each job. This includes the cost of the material, how much you should charge, and what is the bottom line when a large quote comes across your desk. I give you the retail, street and lowest cost for 80% of all the products in the large format marketplace.


Employee BenefitsEmployee Benefits - How much should you pay?  What commissions should you offer to your sales force?  What other benefits should you provide to your employees?  What rules should be defined for the sales team so as to prevent problems from arising? What other incentive programs work for the staff, and what does not work?


MaterialsMaterials - What should you use and not use. How much should you pay for the products, and as you grow what other products should you consider. How, when and where to use them best. I help you reduce your inventory to 3 adhesive backed vinyl for 80% of your jobs, 3 laminates, and about 8 boards. How to handle the products to insure the minimum waste and damage.


PrintingPrinting - What inks, color profiles, and procedures should you use to insure a successful and durable print? What is the difference between the solvent and the flatbed market?  What are the costs of the different machines available to you, and the running costs of all of the different inks?  I’ll teach you all about the little "gotchas" you will run across in digital printing.


FinishingFinishing - How to finish graphics the best & fastest way. Can you laminate and mount 100 print in one morning? You will be able to when I am done. We make just about every type of graphic - backlits, v-cleats, grommets, die cut, etc. Nothing is left out. We put together a future plan for your growth and help you define when to pull the trigger on new equipment purchases.


Vehicle WrapsVehicle Wraps - This is a very hot topic that we take you through step-by-step, from headlight to bumper!  All of the little pitfalls of the wrap business are reviewed, and if you have access to a vehicle bay and a vehicle, we will do hands-on training on wraps.



StoresSelling To The Right Market - Do you know the best markets to chase?  We do, and we take you through the complete market breakdown and the return on investment for those markets.