San Jose Blue

BeeLine + Blue

The team at BeeLine + Blue have been printing large and grand format graphics for over 15 years. They told David for over 2 years that they should have him in to see if there is anything that he could help them on. It was a little bit of a joke between David and Steven. Then a local competitor showed interest in the Print ShopMake. The protected market made BeeLine jump at the MakeOver. They felt it was a good investment just to keep their competition from knowing more then they should. Well at the end of the 3rd day, they were AMAZED! They could not believe what David had done to change the company. Today they are VERY SUCCESSFUL!

San Jose Blue

San Jose Blue

I want to THANK YOU for all your work this week on the Color Seminar. Your expertise gave me some solid confidence on decisions I need to make to have a successful Color Department. You instill confidence and new insights for the sales team and the excitement is spreading!

Thanks again David – hope to be talking and seeing you in the future. I enjoyed the dinner conversation – and my best to you!


e Blueprint

A successful reprographics (AEC) company that wanted to get into making large format graphics. They started with an HP 54" printer, then grew to a ECO solvent printer, a flat bed printer and the tools they were told to purchase to finish the graphics. The manufactures came in and trained them on how to use the equipment and off they went to sell and manufacture large format graphics. The problem with the process is the individual companies trained them on their equipment but no one came in and trained them on the whole process. The major issues were time to manufacture, waste, pricing the job, selling with confidence, and re-do's. After the MakeOver they could make 300% more graphics in the same time frame, the waste was reduced by 50%, and the finishing and sales staff were now one team working towards a common goal. They saw immediate results from the MakeOver, so much so they paid for the MakeOver 4 times over within the first week!

Stafford Custom Graphics

A new startup company that wanted to get into the sign and graphics business.  MarketKING helped with the equipment acquisition, and training on the use of the equipment.  Training included costing models, selling rules, pricing jobs, manufacturing needed, and accounting system setup. We provide ongoing support for sales and marketing so the client can grow the business with very few mistakes.

Imagine Graphics

A small sign shop that wanted to turn 12 years of flat sales around and redevelop the company into a larger and more thriving company.  MarketKING was hired to advise the owners on the right way to build a larger, stronger company.  We worked with them on the building layout, services offered, and their overall marketing plan.  We helped them acquire the equipment and trained the staff on the best and most cost-effective ways to make their products.  Since we have been by their side every step of the way, today they are 3 times the size of the old company and are expected to be 4 times by the end of 2009.


SunDance Marketing Solutions

A very successful offset and digital offset printing company. The team at Sundance created a very successful market for litho prints on frames and supply a very large frame market. When they wanted to excel in large format graphics they called David King and from the day after the MakeOver, Sundance has taken off. Today they are a serious force in Orlando FL.

Brilliant Graphics Group

As a new start-up graphics company, MarketKING was hired to help them create this new company from the ground up.  We did everything from write their business plan, to helping them to layout the floor plan.  We traveled to several manufacturers’ sites to test the equipment to insure it would do what it was required to do.  We trained the executives on the industry, helped build financial models and ROI models on the different technology.  Once the construction was done, and the equipment was installed, we came in and trained their staff, and created an aggressive sales training program for their sales team.  Since the company’s inception, we have been with them every step of the way to insure they made as few mistakes as possible.  Today we are still there to support them on an as-needed basis.